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Kind Words from Clients

Brian Ray, United States Air Force

Deputy Director at the National Security Agency, Colorado

"I'm so grateful to Ray Hahn for preparing me to navigate the intricacies of the VA disability claim process. After more than 30 years of commissioned service, I look forward to and will rely on VA services. A conversation with Ray has left me confident and prepared to step proudly into the VA process. I highly recommend Ray Hahn if you need help understanding your situation and how to move forward."


Roger Keppen, United States Navy

Collections Manager at COMPACFLT

"I've gotta say, I just had one of the most beneficial consults of my life with Ray Hahn. As someone who is retiring from the military soon, there are many things to stress about however, ensuring I've covered everything in my dis-ability claim is NO LONGER one of them. Ray covered all of the medical conditions I've encured during my 25 years of service and how to properly and fairly document each situation. He was incredibly friendly, understanding, and immensely knowledgeable. It was the first discussion I've had regarding my retirement process that was comforting to a degree which I had not seen before. Thank you Ray. I've been bragging about you since our consult. You'll definitely be getting more phone calls from my colleagues who are retiring soon."


Jason Burton, United States Air Force

Management Consultant, Organizational Development, Innovation Advisor, Intelligence Expert

"Navigating the VA process for disability claims or benefits can be overwhelming. I really appreciate Ray Hahn for spending time walking through the claims process and helping me assess my priorities. We discussed the various support organizations that help members file or refile a claim, VA benefits, and important items I should focus on moving forward. I highly encourage anyone with questions on VA Disability, claims, or benefits to connect with and talk to Ray Hahn. Thanks again, Ray!"


Tristian Smith, United States Army

Senior Management Professional, Emergency Management

"I was recommended to Ray Hahn due to going through the military medical separation process and he has done more for me in the last three weeks than most VA reps have in the last year. He was always available when I had questions regarding VA claims and how to articulate my health issues to doctors so that I could be properly diagnosed. If it was possible to clone this guy and put one of him on every military base, it would significantly improve every service member’s experience with C&P appointments, VA claims, and the overall process. You don’t meet very many people who are willing to go the extra mile for people they barely know, and Ray is one of them. If you have any questions on anything involving the VA claims process, speak to Ray before anyone else!!"


Rashad Robinson, United States Navy

Transportation Assistant (QA Inspection/Counselor)

"I became aware of Ray after I saw his information on another LinkedIn connection(Tristian W. Smith, CBCP) feed. So I decide to contact him and give him a brief and honest description of what was going on with my VA situation. I was amazed that he contacted me within an hour of messaging him. He made time for me and we had a detailed and informative convo on what has been going on with me. After speaking with him, it was as if a light bulb had turned on in my head. I am going to take his advice and guidance to help solve my issues with the VA. He was informative and straight forward. In my opinion, the information I received from Ray has been significantly better than any help I have received from your typical VSO or disabled service organizations(i.e. DAV, VFW). Thank you Ray for the last minute help."


Garrett Krier, United States Navy (SEAL)

Senior Technical Recruiter at VM Ware

"Ray Hahn's VA Disability educational services have been extremely helpful to me! Ray has answered all of my questions regarding my own VA disability claim and status. I feel more informed and prepared than ever because of Ray's help. I can give a big recommendation for working with Ray!"


Paul Lavender, United States Marine Corps

Vice President of Finance and Strategic Development at Thrive Restaurant Group

"Ray has been an incredible support while helping navigate the complexity of the VA system. He provided invaluable education about the VA benefit process, while personally supporting me with patience and kindness. Ray’s preparation and insight at each step was unmatched, and he gracefully answered all my questions (and more) while leading to a successful outcome. I would recommend Ray without hesitation for anyone seeking his services and support."


Don Fowler, United States Navy

Program Manager 

"Anyone that knows me knows that I am NOT a social media person. I don't use facebook or instagram. I have never found any value in what they provide. This mindset made it difficult to embrace using Linkedin.

All of that is to say that I am incredibly grateful that I started using this platform. The people that I have already connected with offering words of encouragement, advice, support, and education has been remarkable.

Today I had a zoom meeting with Ray Hahn. I had read a few of his posts talking about his prior experience working in VA claims and was interested in finding out more about the process. I feel like the hour I spent talking to him flew by. I received a masters class in the process, what to expect, how to voice my concerns etc. He was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to break everything down to make it easy to understand. The one hour conversation put my mind at ease about the process and got me excited for the claim process to begin. Ray, thanks again for your time and service.

If you are an Active Duty service member getting ready to transition, you owe it to yourself to connect with Ray and learn more about the process."

Dorian Wallace, United States Army

"Prior to contacting Ray for consultation services, I tried working with another Veteran Service Organization and spent $1500 with them just to get 30% disability. Over a year later I connected with the Disabled American Veterans to assist me with filing after being recommended to do so by other vets. Unfortunately they did not spend ample time explaining in detail my case/situation to ensure that I made an informed decision. Fortunately I spoke to Ray just a day or two after speaking with them and that was the best decision I could have made. Within 2 weeks of my CP exam I was awarded 100% disability.

After the post-evidence analysis and pre-exam review, I felt great. I knew that I had been very thorough in explaining my symptoms to the VA. The conversations I had with Ray motivated me and I felt empowered going into my CP exam and I was very relieved when it was done.

I knew that I would get 100% because that's what I deserved and because of Ray I was able to articulate what I've been struggling with and going through. He helped me find the language to get the VA to listen to me.

I've already recommended his services to my best friend and would recommend to anyone that wants someone to basically hold their hand and walk them through the process, talk to Ray! You won't regret it."


Korey DeLuke, United States Air Force

"As a military member transitioning out back to the normal world can be an anxious and overwhelming experience. What better than to have someone explain some processes like potential benefits and entitlements? When it comes to consulting, Ray is the best around. He broke down everything step by step, and would find new ways to explain it if I wasn’t quite understanding. His patience and willingness to help is unmatched!"


Charles Baker III, United States Air Force

"Ray is very helpful, insightful, thoughtful and informative. He makes himself available anytime. I feel as though Ray is really there for his fellow Veterans and truly has heart for helping others. I am very grateful and thankful for Ray, his work and his dedication. I appreciate you greatly Ray, thank you."


Jo Anne Hall, United States Army

"As a Disabled War Veteran, I was looking for some much needed, unattained help and I referred to Acuity Benefit Consulting. I can't say enough good things about the outstanding service and care that I have received while working with them, while working toward my own claims process.

Specifically, I worked with Ray. His care, concern, attention to detail, promptness and proficiency of the VA Rating system has ensured that not only I understand the process, but that I am set up to receive 100% without all the fuss and muss.

I would refer Acuity Benefit Consulting to any Veteran looking for assistance on their claims and to successfully reach their VA Compensation goals."


Zachariah Petersen, United States Army

"I highly recommend getting a consultation. The knowledge you'll receive is superior and far more customized than what you'll get from a standard meeting with a VSO or other organization. The experience of the consultant in dealing with VA regulations was irreplaceable and not something you'll easily find with a simple search of the internet. The conversation was easy to understand and informative enough to cover all the technicalities of my situation.

I would definitely suggest these services to any other veteran who is struggling to get the guidance they need. You'll feel far more confident in your dealings after a consultation with this company."


Yvonne Evans, United States Army

"Outstanding service!!!  Ray is very knowledgeable when it come to navigating the VA claims process.  I’m so thankful that we crossed paths on Clubhouse.  Without his assistance I would still be fighting with the VA today to get my VA rating. He deserves 10 stars for what he did for my family."


Charles Clarke Jr, United States Navy

"Mr. Hahn is the consummate professional. His attention to detail, promptness, and attentiveness to my needs greatly exceeded my expectations. I will return to him again and again for future guidance as he has proven to be extremely knowledgeable and graceful in his delivery of information. I will be referring all Active Duty ready to separate, as well as those Veterans I encounter that can leverage his guidance. Great Experience!"


Isis McCullough, United States Army

"When it comes to understanding the VA disability process, Ray is an expert. It is so much that goes into the process, and I advise all Veterans, do not to navigate this process alone. Thanks to Ray, I've learned about benefits I never knew existed, and my rating has improved significantly. Take it from me and the others; reach out to Ray to get started, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. He truly cares about Veterans!!"


A.J. Napoli, United States Army

"If I could vote higher than 5 stars I would.

Ray makes you feel like your situation is the most important to him. That level of care and customer service is invaluable and rare. He’s the type of person that doesn’t have time to waste, but he will make the time for you. I never felt rushed. He always made sure I understood everything inside and out. And there was always some other benefit I qualified for that I didn’t know about. You need someone like Ray on your team.

As a veteran it is always very frustrating trying to contact someone and fill out paperwork. It’s especially frustrating when you’re waiting for a decision to be made on your claim. Knowing what you qualify for, how to submit it and what to write is crucial to receiving a favorable and quick turn around. In the past the only way I could find that information would be to talk to other veterans who had done it before. There is always a VA benefit that you aren’t aware of. Traditionally it would take up to 2 years for a decision, plus extra information was needed, and a slim chance of it being approved. After working with Ray I received a decision in less than 2 weeks without any hassle or complications. He is there to help you and not make you feel like another number. That’s why a 5 star rating doesn’t do him justice. Thank you Ray."


Hanley Chan, United States Navy

"Ray is a encyclopedia of veteran benefit knowledge. He knows more then any veteran service officer I know. He helps all veteran with their needs and knows how to navigate the system. If there was a 10 star option I would give him that."


Matt Thompson, United States Army

"I am forever grateful to Ray who helped me with my claims process. If you were ever in the military it is absolutely worth it to at least ask about making a claim with the VA. It's likely you are entitled to more than you think and it could pass you by if you don't seek it out.

Ray helped me in the worst time of my life and his help provided some financial stability. Consider working with this organization and you'll get quality help I can promise that."


Lyka Ferry, United States Army

"After both me and my husband’s experience working with Ray, I don’t think any transitioning or current veteran should attempt filing for disability benefits without having a conversation with him. He is an undeniable expert in the VA and with his education and guidance, we were able to achieve a rating that we didn’t even think was possible or realistic.

He doesn’t hold anything back when answering questions, he follows up, he over-delivers, and he’s one of the most reliable and generous people we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

He truly comes from a heart of service and he has a long track record of pouring out valuable information to veteran communities without asking for anything in return. I couldn’t give a stronger or more certain recommendation than Ray. You will be taken care of without a doubt."


Winston Litchmore, United States Marine Corps

"Ray Hahn has literally changed my life. He has made the VA process easy to understand and navigate. I would recommend 10/10 across the board to any veteran who is going through or plan on going through the VA process. Ray is an expert in the field and trust me you will not regret working with him, he's very knowledgeable. He will take the time to help you get what you need. 👍🇺🇸."


Glen Beck, United States Army

"I cannot be thankful enough for having met Ray Hahn. I was having some real difficulties with understanding what to do and of course the paperwork that the VA needs when filing claims for disability. Ray, took the time to explain it all in laments terms and guided me the whole way through. He knew exactly what was needed and followed  up at each new point as I was going through the process.

Do yourself and your family a favor, call Ray and let him do for you what he's done for me and my family.

You'll be thanking me and him."


Beneda Litchmore, United States Navy

"Seamless, compassionate, effective, and efficient are the words that come to mind working with Acuity!  From the beginning, Mr. Hahn set realistic expectations that later exceeded the initial assessment!!! Three thumbs up, without a doubt!  If you want to save time and have things done correctly, all while maintaining integrity and thoroughness the FIRST time, I highly suggest you consider working with Mr. Hahn!

Gold standard services! THANK YOU, RAY!!!!!!!!"


Meeka McDonald, United States Navy

"I had been trying since 2013 to receive compensation for my service connected disabilities.  Claim after claim was denied by the VA, I was at my wits end and was getting ready to give up, until I finally received help from Raymond at Acuity Benefit consulting.  Raymond was very professional and knowledgeable and helped me every step of the way throughout the process.  He knew how difficult it had been for me to receive compensation through the VA and was very understanding throughout my journey.  If it wasn't for Raymond's help I would still be at a 0 percent disability rating, and would not have receive the 90% rating that I deserved. I had a wonderful experience working with Acuity Benefit consulting! If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely choose this company to help me!"


Ruben Maldanado, United States Army

"Truly wish I came across this agency when I ended my term of service in the Army years ago.... words alone aren't enough to thank Ray for his expertise, guidance, help and professionalism with my needs. I WILL recommend this service to the next battle buddy I come across that needs a consult. Thanks again, sir."


Michael Van Aman, United States Army

"My meeting with Ray was tremendous as I was reassured of my concerns and provided clear guidance on how to remedy my issues with my disability rating. The clarity and confidence I received from Ray were significant and cannot be understated. I am reticent to say I felt humbled by the support."


Matt Sievering, United States Army

"Great service, knowledgeable and completely straight forward. 10 out of 10, would recommend to any fellow veteran. 🇺🇸🇺🇸💯"