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Still Have Questions?


What can I expect in the Strategy Session?
The Strategy Session is a 60 minute Zoom call designed to identify and fill critical knowledge gaps on VA Disability Compensation benefits so you can make more informed decisions and optimize your overall benefits. All information provided is supported by the VA's Manual (M21-1) and the Code of Federal Regulations.
Are there other costs beside the Strategy Session?

Depending on your needs, I may suggest a call to go over key Disability Benefits Questionnaires which would incur an additional fee. However, this is strictly optional.

Can you help me file my claim?

No.  I'm not an Accredited Agent nor do I want to be.  As such, I do not prepare, present, or prosecute claims on your behalf before the Department of Veterans Affairs.  If you need someone to help dig through your records and fill out paperwork, here's a link to the VA's Office of General Counsel website where you can an awesome Veteran Service Officer, Accredited Agent or attorney.

I've read the VA Manual and Code of Federal Regulations. Do I need your help?

Everyone needs help.  Even seasoned VA Raters run into situations where they confer with their colleagues. It's hard to read the label when you're inside the bottle- get outside perspective; preferably an expert in the field.

My situation is different...

No it isn't.  The rules and regulations governing this program are consistent amongst claimants.  The key is knowing which rules and regulations to apply and how.

I can't afford this right now....Can I get a discount?

No.  However, I've provided links to a boatload of free material by the Department of Veterans Affairs.  In addition, you can always try your luck with a free service like a Veteran Service Organization.