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Acuity Benefit Consulting, LLC ("We", "Our") is a consulting service providing educational services to Veterans regarding VA disability compensation. We do not assist clients with the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims (which includes any intent of filing a claim) for VA Benefits and does not charge a fee for the same. Acuity Benefit Consulting, LLC is not an accredited agent or entity recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs and is not affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs in any way.

Acuity Benefit Consulting, LLC is not a law firm, does not have an attorney on staff, and is not licensed to practice law in any jurisdiction. Our services may include verbal or written discussions of legal issues and procedures and any communications are understood to be only our opinion and does not constitute legal assistance or advice.

Information from Acuity Benefit Consulting, LLC, not limited to but including, benefits amounts, success rates, disability rating increases, and benefit increases are a general estimate and not specific to any one claim and do not represent a promise or guarantee of results. Determination of benefits and awards is determined solely by the Department of Veterans Affairs and not by Acuity Benefit Consulting, LLC. This information provided in the consultation service should not be considered as medical, legal, or policy advice.

​There are free services available to veterans regarding education of VA disability compensation benefits which is the service that Acuity Benefit Consulting, LLC will provide pursuant to this agreement. Veterans always have the option to utilize the free services provided by entities such as National Service Organizations (e.g. VFW, DAV), Local Service Organizations, State Sponsored Veteran Service Officers, and/or the paid services of VA accredited agents or lawyers. Utilization of our consulting service is not required to obtain education services regarding VA disability compensation VA benefits.

In addition, veterans may utilize Acuity Benefit Consulting, LLC consulting services in coordination with these other free or paid services. We only work with clients that understand these other options are available and have elected to retain Acuity Benefit Consulting, LLC consulting services with that full knowledge. The Department of Veterans Affairs provides a search tool to find representatives for VA Claims who will assist you for free at